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    A important contract for the Defense unit

    Following the French and Italian Defense Ministers' signature of a cooperation agreement for the development and manufacture of four identical Horizon antiair frigates (2 frigates for France, 2 for Italy), Schneider Electric has just obtained a 2.3 million euro contract for France.
    The new project management will be handled by our customer, Horizon SAS*.

    > Upstream specification work
    Everything began on February 20, 2000 with very upstream specification work by Schneider Electric France and Schneider Electric Italy sales forces, with active coordination by the Schneider Global Business Development – Key Accounts structure (SGBD).

    > An innovative solution
    Faced with fierce competition, the experience and know-how of the Schneider Electric Marine, Defense & Offshore unit made it possible to find innovative technical solutions which offered Schneider Electric a real technical and competitive advantage. Supported by the ABT activity, an entirely new solution was put forward, including new military marine NT, NW circuit-breakers.
    A veritable race against the clock then began to complete the qualification of this technology, while meeting customer deadlines.
    The bet was won on June 6, 2003 with the signature of this contract which now puts Schneider Electric into the position of the essential player in Europe in this market segment through its Marine, Defense & Offshore unit.

    > A promising future
    This project is just the beginning of a massive program that is still unparalleled in the European navies: putting into service around thirty top-of-the-line aircraft carriers, all Multi-Mission Frigates. It can be understood that the challenge launched by Schneider Electric is a measure of its industrial strategy that resolutely paves the way for the future: not to live according to current competencies, but project ourselves into the future to meet the emerging needs of its customers.

    * Horizon SAS
    Composed of 2 industrial consortia, Italy's Orizzonte, made up of Finmecanica and Fincantieri, and France's Thalès and DCN, combined into a joint venture, SSDN.

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