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    Renovation of the famous France’s Pompidou Center’s

    Schneider Electric supplied the most part of the electric equipment for the renovation of France's Pompidou Center's electrical installations.
    Secure and reliable, the network now provides every guarantee in supplying power that is always available, ensuring the safety and comfort of visitors.
    The Center itself assumed the responsibility for works supervision, considerably enlarging the surface area intended for cultural activities by around 8 000 sqm. The Center now features a total surface area of around 110,000 sqm, i.e. the equivalent of around 10 soccer fields, with the three occupied areas being broken into the Public Information Library, the National Museum of Modern Art and the Acoustics and Music Research and Coordination Institute (IRCAM).

    The Pompidou Center has completely requalified its entire surface area according to new safety and comfort standards for public areas. It has also renovated its technical installations and has modernized the lighting and furnishings.

    Schneider Electric was extensively involved in this renovation project, both as the main supplier of electrical equipment (transformers, protection cubicles, LV switchboards, PLCs, electronic starters, etc.) and as a provider of an entire range of services, in collaboration with contractors.
    These services included an analysis of the HVA/LV (medium voltage/low voltage) selectivity and protection functions, updating of the existing general HVA and LV switchboards, as well as the upgrading and extension of the network control system based on ISIS 3000 technical power management (GTE) solution.

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