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    Canalis reaches the submit of the highest tower in Russia

    Schneider Electric in Russia has been awarded the contract for the supply of two 270 meters rising main Canalis busbar for the highest tower in Russia: Ostankino tower in Moscow - 540 meters.
    For Canalis, this contract is the highest busbar ever installed.

    Due to an electrical cable problem, a fire has damaged the tower in September 2000. During the fire, two firemen were killed as they were rescuing the customers of the restaurant
    After this event, the tower electrical staff helped by the Elektro Project Engineering decided to improve the reliability of the electrical installation.
    Schneider Electric intervenes in May 2001 and brought its technical expertise to the local team to specify the best economic and technical solution.
    This solution had to meet specific requirement and feasibility study had to be made :
    > mechanical resistance,
    > thermal resistance,
    > specific dimension,
    > fire resistance.

    At the end of 2002, a specific fire certification was obtained to meet the local authority requirements.

    Schneider Electric in Russia was able to win this contract against its main competitor as it was providing a complete solution including the Trihal transformers and the Prisma switchboards.

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