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    Grands Records: Geronimo has arrived !

    At 04:58:11 GMT today Thursday March 16, the Cap Gemini and Schneider Electric trimaran crossed the finish line off Ushant after 68 days, 1 hour, 58 minutes and 2 seconds at sea, propelled by a weak northerly breeze and a favourable spring tide, which is unusually high during this Equinoctial period.
    These were Olivier de Kersauson's first words after crossing the line:
    "Our work is done. We're all very keen to get home, but there is a certain regret about leaving a life we are so passionate about. A round-the-world voyage is completely absorbing and occupies every moment of your time. Nevertheless, we are happy to be reunited with our partners, friends, families and all those we love, and to have completed this weird Jules Verne Trophy.»