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    An Office Building in Downtown Warsaw

    An 11-story office building, the "International Business Center", is under construction in downtown Warsaw (Poland).
    > an American company, Golub, is the promoter,
    > and an Austrian company, ELIN EBG is the electrical contractor.

    Our subsidiary in Poland won an initial contract in the amount of 125,000 Zlotys (EUR 31,000) for the project, including the electrical design of the system, the supply of SM6 switchboards.
    As the company selected to supply the general low voltage switchboard was unable to execute its contract, Schneider Electric Poland seized this opportunity and after a race against time – very tight lead times – won a new contract worth 600,000 Zlotys (EUR 150,000) for the supply of the general LV switchboard including 17 PRISMA cubicles.

    Last episode, in August 2002 our local subsidiary succeeded in being invited to bid again for the supply of PRISMA G. distribution switchboards. New bid, new success valued at 400,000 Zlotys (EUR 99,500).
    The contractor, ELIN EBG, continued its design work and ordered new panels. The project achieved finally totals 490,000 Zlotys (EUR 107,000) and now is successfully finished.
    ''We can say that there are two factors at the source of our success. First our offering and our expertise in the Construction market and second our constant presence in the field,'' said Wojtek Lipinski, sales engineer for Schneider Electric Poland in charge of the project.

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