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    Schneider Electric and American company Leviton have signed joint technology agreement in voice-data-image (VDI) sector

    Schneider Electric’s North American division has signed a joint technology agreement with Leviton, North America’s largest manufacturer of electrical and electronic wiring devices for the residential, commercial and industrial building market.
    The goal is to provide simpler, more affordable information and media networking technology to millions of existing homes.

    «The proliferation of wired and wireless network technology in recent years has presented homeowners with many voice, data and video communications options and products that are not easily integrated with each other into simple and manageable systems,» said Bernard Quancard, Vice-President of the VDI global activity at Schneider Electric.
    «By overcoming the need to install large amounts of additional wiring, retrofitting existing homes with new structured media technology can become much more affordable,» he said.

    This agreement with Leviton clearly shows Schneider Electric’s global commitment to be a major player in the VDI infrastructure market.

    As part of this agreement, a team consisting of members of both companies will work on developing prototype systems during the first part of 2003 using the know-how of both market leaders.

    About Leviton
    Leviton Manufacturing Company is North America’s largest manufacturer of electrical and electronic wiring devices. Leviton offers a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial wiring devices, continually introducing high quality products that set the pace of progress in the industry.

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