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    Turkey: Global Sales Quality objective

    The sister company of Schneider Electric in Turkey feels very concerned by the continuous measurement of customer satisfaction to its processes. For this purpose a spontaneous telephone survey has been organized it aims to measure the customers' perception of service, logistics, sales force and Help Desk quality, for each sales office, i.e. a total of 7 in the entire country.
    Schneider Electric in Turkey reaches all of its 5,000 customers with this monthly survey. It can adjust its sales activities, the efficiency of its teams and its overall services, as new results are disclosed.
    In parallel, the Turkish subsidiary is working on reinforcing its Help Desk to make it a real Customer Support Center. The team is currently made up of 5 persons, who handle close to 1,000 calls per month. Technical support is still the main reason for contact. Mid-2003, the team will eventually be in charge of processing orders, answering logistics and sales queries, as well as managing customer complaints.
    This is a Global Sales Quality process that is fully in line with the company program NEW2004