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    Marine: a contract for the ''Le Monge'' Test and Measuring Ship

    The Schneider Electric Marine, Defense and Offshore business based in France has just won a 1.8 million euro contract for the supply and turnkey installation of a missile remote neutralization system intended for the test and measuring ship, "Le Monge" (the French Navy's 2nd largest ship after the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle).
    This system, other versions of which have already been installed at the Landes Test Center (Biscarosse, South of France), the Méditerranée Test Center (Ile du Levant, Levant island - France) and the Sardaigne test center, is activated by the safeguard officer supervising the test. The safeguard officer monitors the trajectory of the missile. If it deviates from the pre-defined path, the officer gives the order for destruction.

    The main requirements concerned the operating reliability.
    Schneider Electric is the lead manager of the project with a partner (IN SNEC) which produces the power amplifier designed to transmit HF signals via the antennas to the receiver installed in the missile.

    More about Schneider Electric in France: