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    Sustainable development : Schneider Electric enters the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

    Schneider Electric has been selected for the 2003 edition of two of the Dow Jones Sustainability indexes:
    > DJSI World: leading worldwide index created in 1999 (315 companies listed)
    > DJSI Stoxx: European index created in 2001 (183 companies listed)
    These two indexes reflect the growing interest of financial investors in sustainable development. They were developed to track the financial performance of companies considered to be exemplary in this field.

    «Developing corporate community responsibility is one of the six challenges of our new company program New Electric World 2004. Given the recognition for this priority can only encourage us in our efforts in this area », says Gilles Vermot Desroches, head of Sustainable Development.

    Schneider Electric is also listed on the responsible index created by ARESE and taken over by Vigeo : ASPI Eurozone.