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    Grands Records: The boat is back in the water near the English coast

    After being immobilized for several weeks in the port of Brest, France, Geronimo left its mooring for the Iroise Sea on July 1. With a gloomy weather forecast, and no powerful low-pressure system nor anti-cyclone protector, the weather conditions were ideal. The new rudder blade appears to work better. Since then, the Geronimo has returned to the port of Brest so that preparers can make the last necessary improvements and corrections. It will be ready again to sail in a few days, or even in a few hours, depending on the meteorological data. The large trimaran has been awaiting this return to sea for several weeks, during which it underwent some improvement and optimization work. This was a necessary halt, punctuated by a major unforeseen event. There are plenty of pitfalls, whether they could be predicted or not. They result from the fine-tuning of an innovative machine, the fullpotential of which has yet to be seen. As Olivier de Kersauson explained, "We decided to innovate to widen the gap with some very active competitors, navigating on tried and tested catamarans. The innovation centers on a gigantic trimaran, with extraordinary capacity. New technological options have also been added such as Cuben fiber sails and a pitch mast. As can be expected, we are experiencing a period of fine-tuning, even of corrections, all an integral part of our program. Having said this, we have taken a maximum number of precautions before any decision. Each option was evaluated in-depth with the most qualified experts. And we systematically rejected extreme choices and unnecessary risks."