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    The range of Kaedra enclosures receives Janus 2002 award

    The range of Kaedra sealed enclosures manufactured by Merlin Gerin has been awarded the Janus 2002 prize from the Institut Français du Design. This prize is awarded for both the esthetic and user-friendly characteristics of the installation as well as the innovative side of the product. The esthetics mean that the enclosure can be installed in industrial environments (workshops, hangars, etc) as well as commercial or residential locations (such as shops, sports complexes, hospitals, schools, swimming pools, buildings, etc). Its easy-to-install function makes for simpler assembly of the various components fitted both inside and outside the enclosure. This is also the first product line on the market that can house distribution products, power supply and control functions, which are normally located separately. This product range replaces the Pragma C and D and Pragma Kranges for PK industrial sockets.

    The Kaedra enclosures and mini-enclosures have a capacity of 3 to 72 modules. The PK industrial power sockets can be installed in the enclosures directly or with the help of functional plates. The control buttons for the emergency stops or the signal lamps are directly accessible on the front panel.
    Setting up the Kaedra enclosure is particularly simple. The monoblock frame can be pulled out easily. The preliminary wiring can therefore be conducted on a table. Each rail can be moved up or down or taken out to make room for a larger product. Space provided for the wiring means easier manipulation for connecting cables. Depending on the model chosen, the front panel is fitted with hinges so that it can be opened from the left or the right.

    The Kaedra enclosures guarantee operating safety in the most harsh and aggressive conditions (chemical or atmospheric agents), as well as ultraviolet rays due to an IP 65 protection index and strong resistance to IK 09 shocks.