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    Numerous trade shows in April

    Schneider Electric will be participating in numerous trade shows in April around the world:
    > Trade shows to present our expertise to our customers and partners …
    Hanover in Germany:
    - April 15-19
    Spring Fair in Croatia:
    - April 16-24
    Expo Industrial in Mexico:
    - April 10-12
    Safety in Action in Australia:
    - April 16-18
    Elcom in the Ukraine
    - April 23-26
    And Electrical Fair in Libya
    - April 3-10

    > Trade shows to present our expertise and businesses to students who may become future employees…
    In the Ivory Coast and Senegal, day-long open house events for engineering schools.

    If you would like more information on these events, do not hesitate to nous contact us and see you soon on these trade shows.