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    A reserve of two million cubic meters of untreated water

    The Saint Christophe reservoir, located near Aix-en Provence (France), stretches over 20 hectares. The reservoir is a vast settling tank and a holds two million cubic meters of untreated water for the city of Marseille and surrounding area. The reservoir, which is owned by the Société des Eaux de Marseille, a subsidiary of Vivendi and Lyonnaise des Eaux, has just been equipped with a new control and monitoring automation system. The distance between the different sensors and actuators, due to the size of the site, led to the choice of a solution based on a distributed automation system including remote Momentum inputs/outputs. They are connected to the master control Premium PLC via an Ethernet TCP/IP fibre optic star network.

    Besides supplying the PLCs and I/Os, Schneider Electric participated in the research and preparation of a technical solution. The automation system provides information in real time, reliable procedures, simple management as well as guaranteeing the availability of the installation, which is an essential part of the job of water distributor.