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    Grands Records: We’ll be back as soon as we can…

    Having consulted with Geronimo’s entire technical team, the trimaran’s owners have decided to change the boat’s steering gear. It’s a decision supported by the engineers, the naval architects, the designers and Olivier de Kersauson himself. Geronimo is a powerful and extremely fast boat that requires the ultimate level of development applied to all her technical systems. The development of a new rudder system will prevent her from continuing with her Trophée Jules Verne campaign for the time being.

    “The boat has proved highly satisfactory, but we now want to change the steering gear so that it can meet our requirements fully and match up to Geronimo’s full potential. But to do this, we have to change it completely, rather than patch up what is already there. Once this work has been completed, we and our partners, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and Schneider Electric, will be in position to set a date for resuming our Grands Records programme. Needless to say, that date will be preceded by a period of thorough testing to validate the changes made. We don’t know how long this will take and must give up our attempt to beat our own Trophée Jules Verne record for the moment. We wish Orange a fair wind and sincerely regret that we cannot share in this marvellous round the world adventure with them at sea…but we will be back as soon as we can”, said Olivier de Kersauson earlier today following a meeting with the trimaran’s technicalteam.