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    Grands Records: Geronimo arrives home safe and sound

    It was in wild weather conditions that the Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and Schneider Electric trimaran returned to Brest harbour earlier today. Having already come through quite a blow the day before yesterday, Geronimo came in from the West on 50 knots of wind. Driving at over 25 knots under jib alone, the trimaran sailed home, her engine having been removed for the Trophée Jules Verne attempt.

    With so much wind, it was impossible for her to come alongside at the Arsenal, so the Naval College offered the trimaran a mooring on the south side of Brest harbour. The single manoeuvre required to bring her alongside this mooring was an impressive spectacle in itself, with the trimaran trying to get as close as possible to the buoy under jib alone. As she approached the buoy, the Moulin Blanc harbour launch was able to hold her on the wind while two of the Arsenal¹s inflatables caught the mooring lines.
    Olivier de Kersauson then «liberated» his 10 crewmembers to rejoin their friends and families ashore. As on every night since she was launched, a «guard» now remains on board to look after the boat. Tonight¹s watch will almost certainly be taken by the captain himself.

    As soon as the weather permits, Geronimo will return to the Brest Arsenal to have her rudder removed for detailed analysis in the boatyard.

    MVP&VLP naval architects, the HDS design office and the crew have already worked out a number of possible solutions that could be applied as soon as the real reasons behind these serious rudder problems are known.