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    Reliable power supply for the Aarberg sugar refineries, Switzerland

    Two plants in Switzerland are in charge of refining and processing close to 80% of the country's sugar. In this context, it is essential that the sugar plants have a reliable source of electric power. Schneider Electric in Switzerland was able to meet these requirements. Schneider Electric distribution products and other control devices can be found at all critical points in the Aarberg plant's production units.

    The objective is clear: to be able to process record quantities of sugar in the shortest amount of time
    In fact, during a very short, but intensive campaign from beginning-October to mid-December, the 432,000 acres of cultivated sugar beets on the entire national territory need to be harvested. They then need to be transported to the sugar refineries for processing. It is therefore vital to be able to count on flawless availability of man and machine. Electric power supply, distribution and use, is in this regard the nerve center of the refining process.
    “It is important to have confidence in the products installed”, explains Heinz Nufer, Power Equipment Manager at the Aarberg plant. "I have developed this confidence in Schneider Electric after many years of working together."
    The ongoing technical support offered by Schneider Electric teams reassured him in his choice. There are already plans to install Schneider Electric products for the plant's next renovation phase.

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