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    Grands Records: Geronimo crosses the equator

    The Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and Schneider Electric trimaran crossed the equator just after 10 a.m. today (French time).

    It has taken Geronimo a little over 9 days and 7 hours to reach this
    symbolic point on her voyage. Olivier de Kersauson and his 10 crewmembers have therefore reached the Southern Hemisphere almost two days (43 hours) faster than the existing record time set in 1997.

    Although the Cap Gemini Ernst & Young - Schneider Electric team trimaran has been seriously delayed by the virtual absence of wind in the last few days, she has still been faster than the successful 1997 record attempt, in which Olivier de Kersauson¹s multihull took over 11 days to reach the equator.