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    An open forum for the automation community

    Schneider Automation Business presented its updated site:
    This completely new site provides the automation community with some exceptional advantages :
    > A robust new design with customized links to Schneider Electric sites, products and services
    > Faster-loading information portal,
    > Quicker access to information
    > Additional information such as news items or detailed product information sheets.
    > Open discussions.
    «This site is a genuine information center. Feedback from our customers about our products, solutions and applications is essential. This is why we launched this site to enable them to share their opinions publicly and directly on the site’s home page. « The management and support of the communities are currently changing the way we work with customers. Our aim is to react rapidly to any market requirement. Anyone can participate in this discussion forum, which is the first stage in our efforts to improve customer service », said Jean-Marie Berger, e-transformation and communication manager at Schneider Automation Business.
    The discussion forum is linked to www.control.com, a « community » site managed by professionals from Control.com, leader in the field of online forums devoted to automation. The cooperation between Schneider Electric and Control.com provides users with the unique possibility to share information extensively.

    For more information :