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    New terminal at the Zurich airport (Switzerland)

    Poma-Otis, a subsidiary of Pomagalski and Otis specializing in cable and elevated passenger transport, was invited to tender for the development of a conveyance system between the Zurich airport terminal and the planned future building that is part of the airport extension project (first Swiss airport platform).
    In order to win this contract, Poma-Otis asked Schneider Electric to evaluate the equipment's harmonic distortion and voltage stability. The Annecy sales office (France) and Rectiphase worked together to engineer this part of the tender. For this type of infrastructure, the quality of service offered to airlines is a constant concern.
    The initial studies were launched by Rectiphase's team of sales and application engineers in the fall of 1999, particularly an "instrumentation" portion using a prototype.
    This upstream work made it possible to direct the technical options before Poma-Otis' final negotiations with the Swiss client and... helped clinch the deal.
    Rectiphase delivered the "real-time" switching compensation and power factor correction equipment intended to optimize the overall quality of the electrical network at the end of October 2001.
    The supply of ten 3kW-525 kW variable-speed drives required to move the cars, together with the commissioning and training of staff on-site, is valued at $134,299.
    This is Poma-Otis' first European project for this type of application and was an opportunity for Schneider Electric to be at the forefront of many future similar projects in Europe.