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    New switchboards from Square D

    A new generationof rear connected switchboards featuring MASTERPACT® circuit breakers from Square D can improve electrical system uptime and efficiency in mission critical power applications, including Internet Data Centers.
    "This groundbreaking technology lets the switchboard be serviced or upgraded without losing power," said Greg Wessels, product marketing manager at Square D. "For applications like data processing centers and telecommunications switching stations, this means operations can continue uninterrupted. The small footprint and high ratings make it a workable solution for many critical power applications."
    The QED-6 Rear Connected Switchboards with MASTERPACT NW Circuit breakers, have a small, flexible footprint with segregated front access to all wiring for easier installation and servicing. Higher interrupting ratings and high withstand ratings make the low-voltage switchboards reliable and durable for maximum uptime without the need for frequent maintenance or inspections. The fully upgradeable trip units communicate over open protocols such as MODBUS and Ethernet, and have capabilities for power monitoring and control to increase system efficiency and lower cycle cost.