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    Tunnels: Schneider Electric’s experience

    Through the cumulated experience of Merlin Gerin, Modicon, Telemecanique and Square D, Schneider Electric has numerous prominent tunnel projects, with more than 70 installations worldwide. These installations include both high-current electrical distribution and industrial control systems, as well as low-current automation systems.

    A few Schneider Electric projects:

    > Tunnels with joint France/Italy coordination: more than 24 kms of the Lyon/Turin transalpine link, one of the most traveled tunnels in Europe, as well as the Frejus tunnel (equipped with electrical distribution).
    > The Somport tunnel in southwest France: a turnkey variable-speed drive and ventilation control system was delivered.
    > The A14 freeway tunnel: high-voltage electrical distribution.
    > 33 tunnels on the A8 freeway and the Nice bypass road: supplied electrical distribution and technical management equipment.
    > The Dartfort tunnel in England: track automation system.
    > The Channel tunnel project (France–England): power and utilities supply and management (electricity, ventilation and pumping).
    > Covered trenches in Cointe, Belgium: constructed 20 kms of tunnel project surveillance. Schneider Belgium’s partner, Abay, the parent company of Spie which participated in the Frejus tunnel renovation, carried out this project, which included 50 Premium backup PLCs, controlling a group of 220 Micro PLCs in an FIP network.
    > The Boston tunnel in the USA: supplied security automation and control equipment.
    > Two “city link” tunnels in Melbourne, Australia: equipped all the electrical installations, and the security automation and control equipment.