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    Schneider Electric creates a new Corporate Research center in the United States

    Schneider Electric has decided to extend its Research facility and open a Corporate Research center in the United States to be closer to the American market.

    The role of the center will be to conduct research programs in areas where the American market is quicker to adopt innovative technologies such as residential microgeneration.

    By the year 2002, the center will employ 25 people.

    « Internationalizing Schneider Electric Research is a priority for the group in order to increase its capacity for innovation, get faster access to new technological sources and match Research programs to market requirements », commented Claude Ricaud, Vice-President Research & Development at Schneider Electric.

    Chris Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of the North American Division added that « a strong Research and Development capacity in the United States will be a powerful asset if we are to seize all the opportunities offered by the American market by providing an innovative product lineup ».