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    Contract in Iraq

    Partnership France - Italy for a contract in Iraq.
    In February 2000, Soc Irak (the company in charge of oil operations in the south of the country) launched a call for tenders to upgrade its medium-voltage equipment. Schneider Electric responded via Franck Pellat (International Product Sales and Applications Engineer), with a tender for 153 MCSet cubicles, for a total contract value of $ 2.29 million.
    Fourth months later, the customer accepted Schneider Electric's offer, but due to an excessive workload at the production unit that manufactures the cubicles (EMT), a partnership was formed with Schneider Electric SPA Stezzano (an Italian subsidiary), which was in fact working under capacity.
    However, adding a new intermediary meant that there was a risk of complicating an already highly-constrained situation because of continuous monitoring by the UN, due to the trade embargo in Iraq.
    But efficient coordination between dedicated teams in France and in Italy made it possible to deliver the last of the cubicles in time and without any problems relating to UN monitoring.