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    For the Schneider Electric Youth Opportunities Foundation, sport is the road to respect

    The Schneider Electric Foundation is co-organizing the third national « prevention through sport » meeting with the « fais-nous rêver » team (dream team) and Action Prévention Sport. The public includes communication managers, sponsors, human resources managers from companies with an interest in sports projects.
    Henri Lachmann, Chairman and CEO of Schneider Electric, took advantage of this occasion to underline that « sport is a great way of getting youngsters in difficulty to work toward a common goal. It’s a way to learn respect, respect for your body, respect for others, respect for shared rules, respect for scores too. Sport can lift the spirit and invoke a sense of solidarity. »
    The Schneider Electric Foundation supports more than 50 sports projects in France and abroad : « A chacun son Everest », « ALE rugby », « En passant par la montagne », « Club Face Angoulême », « Handi nautic », « Treichville biafra olympique », « Sports sans frontières », etc. Schneider Electric believes that sport is a means for young people to find their place in society and then in the professional world. An initiative called « Drop pour l’emploi », started in Angoulême, has helped several young people from difficult neighbourhoods get in touch with corporate employees and try to imagine a career for themselves. Sixty young people met on Wednesday June 6 to play rugby, participate in a career forum and sign up for a summer course.
    The concept of responsability has become an essential value for companies, providing them with the possibility to help young people in difficulty get a foothold in the workplace.
    The Schneider Electric Youth Opportunities Foundation, created in 1998, encourages young people to become responsible for their succes, by helping young people in difficulty and sponsoring new business start-ups.

    « Le sport et l’entreprise »
    Naional Olympic and Sports Committee
    1 av Pierre de Coubertin - 75013 Paris (France)

    Please contact : Schneider Electric Youth Opportunities Foundation
    e-mail :gilles_vermot-desroches@mail.schneider.fr