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    New services

    A Technical Support Center and a Customer Service Center are now available for Schneider Electric customers in France. Customers can thus enter in direct contact with a technically competent, available person able to answer all of their questions at any time.
    These centers will also support actions by account managers and sales assistants in the field.

    The Technical Support Center
    Responsibilities: Provide Schneider Electric customers with quick and reliable answers to their technical questions by telephone: product selection, technical explanations, evaluations, substitutions, implementation, first after-sales analysis, etc. More than a hundred specialists are now available to consultants and other specifiers, contractors, end users, distributors, etc.
    Organized into four platforms
    - LV electrical distribution
    - Medium voltage and MV/LV transformers
    - Industrial control and variable speed drives
    - Programmable logical controllers
    There is a direct telephone number for each platform.
    Opening hours: Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

    The Customer Service Center
    Responsibilities: Respond to all types of requests, from following up an order to a request for documentation or any other information. It also serves to efficiently direct calls to the appropriate contact person in a sales office of in the Technical Support Center. For Jean-Claude Bardoz, project manager, "no request should remain unanswered...."
    Organized into seven platforms, spread out in France: service is being progressively made available to customers region by region until September.
    Greater sales office availability
    According to Jean-Claude Bardoz, "Customer account managers and sales assistants will be more available and be able to spend more time on their customers' projects and business. In addition, the organization which has been set up allows them to be informed of calls made by their customers, of the type of service provided and of the solutions that were implemented. If technical and logistics aspects are improved, sales relations are improved as well. Everyone is going to benefit!"