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    EasyPlug, the joint venture between Schneider Electric and Thomson multimedia, starts of operations

    EasyPlug, the 50/50 joint venture between Schneider Electric and Thomson multimedia, is now operational. Focused on expanding powerline carrier technology (PLC) throughout the home and commercial environments, EasyPlug will develop key components and finished products that will facilitate the adoption of PLC-based home networking, control, and automation. The market for PLC-based consumer applications (DSL, video distribution, Internet access, interactive TV, home automation, etc.) are expected to generate sales of more than EUR 1 billion by 2003/2004.
    EasyPlug plans to generate revenues of EUR 40 million in 2001, growing to over EUR 200 million by 2005.
    EasyPlug’s goal is to become the worldwide leader in powerline carrier solutions by providing finished products and communication modules through a worldwide sales and distribution network. EasyPlug will also provide expertise in PLC applications to OEM customers serving consumer electronics and home contractor markets by developing world class custom PLC solutions. By creating key partnerships with select PLC technology providers and actively supporting industry initiatives for PLC standardization, EasyPlug will work to establish powerline carrier technology as a mainstream networking and connectivity solution.
    Today, EasyPlug offers three core PLC products :
    >the Wireless Phone Jack, which turns any AC outlet into a telephone connection,
    >the Wireless Modem Jack, which enables a home modem to establish an Internet connection through any AC outlet
    >the PLC interface module for home applications (heating, lighting, home automation) which provides integrators with the first development kit for PLC solutions based on the European Konnex standard.

    About EasyPlug
    With headquarters in Grenoble (France) and US operations in Princeton, NJ, EasyPlug’s management team is Isabelle Guillaume, CEO, Geoffrey MacKenzie, Vice President – Sales and Marketing – Americas, Elisabeth Conraux, Vice President - Sales and Marketing – Europe, Christian Parnière, Vice President – Research and Development, and David Arragon, Chief Financial Officer.

    About Thomson Multimedia
    With sales of 9.1 billion euros (U.S. $ 8.3 billion) in 2000 and 67,000 employees in more than 30 countries, Thomson multimedia (Paris Sicovam: 18453) (NYSE: TMS), provides a wide range of technologies, systems, finished products and services to consumers and professionals of the entertainment and media industries. To advance and enable the digital media transition, Thomson multimedia has five principal activities: Displays and Components, Digital Media Solutions, Consumer Products, New Media Services, and Patents and Licensing. The company distributes its products under the popular THOMSON and RCA brand names.