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    Schneider Electric at the Net 2001 trade show

    From March 28 to March 30, the Net 2001 trade show in Paris provided Schneider Electric with a good opportunity to demonstrate how eBusiness can be used to develop new services that create value for customers and support new ventures. The eBusiness division, set up in April 2000, is dedicated to speeding up, leading and supporting these changes.
    eStrategic support :
    The consistent strategy being developed by the e-Business division and our core markets (infrastructure, energy, industry and building) is enhancing customer and contractor relationships and services, facilitating partnerships and helping employees be more efficient. Projects currently underway include:
    >XDO, a business extranet developed with French distributors.
    >Voltimum, Europe’s first electrical installation portal for the promotion of products and services for construction industry professionals, in partnership with ABB, Legrand, Nexans, Osram, Pirelli and Philips Lighting.
    >KeyMRO, the world’s first eProcurement services provider, in partnership with Rhodia, Thomson Multimedia and Usinor.
    Growth is being pursued along two avenues:
    >eTransformation, moving existing processes such as ordering online and tying product selection to order tracking, logistics and documentation.
    >New eBusinesses that use new technologies to create value and innovative offers. For instance, Schneider Electric uses eBooster to bring entrepreneurs and projects together with customers and partners to create viable business models.
    eBusiness is changing the way we look at time and business. Information is available immediately anywhere, anytime, and networks are a fact of life.