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    Preview the European electrical installation portal at Elec 2000

    In September, ABB, Alcatel, Philips Lighting and Schneider Electric, four key players in the construction and electrical installation market, announced that they had decided to unite their skills to launch the first European electrical installation portal for construction industry professionals. Less than two months later, the portal will be previewed at Elec 2000 in Paris.

    Online demonstrations between December 11 and 15 will give industry professionals, including contractors and specifiers (architects, engineering and design offices, building firms and building owners) and distributors, a glimpse of the portal’s main features. Visitors will be able to see how to select the most appropriate products by brand, application or solution, and check out value-added services such as implementation assistance, technical calculation software and contractor support. These services will help save time, improve efficiency and enhance the customer-supplier relationship.

    This preview is just a first taste before the final version of the portal is launched in first half 2001.