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    A compulsory buyout offer for all outstanding Infra+ shares

    Following its public tender offer, Schneider Electric now holds 36.01% of the capital and 35.41% of the voting rights of Infra+. The shareholders’ pact comprising Schneider Electric, JCN Participations, Sogefred and the Infra+ founding families now owns 96.8% of the capital and 96.81% of the voting rights.

    In light of the public tender offer’s success, Schneider Electric, in concert with the other shareholders’ pact members, will submit a compulsory buyout offer to France’s Conseil des Marchés Financiers at a price of Euro 60.50 per share. The offer will cover the 32,271 Infra+ shares that are not owned by the members of the shareholders’ pact, representing 3.20% of the capital and 3.19% of the voting rights.

    This strategic alliance will give Schneider Electric access to a fast-growing market and strengthen its position in connection and wiring systems for voice, video and data networks. Infra+ will become Schneider Electric’s primary skills center for these systems and networks.