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    Renovation of the Buenos Aires airport

    Schneider Electric Argentina is participating in a project to renovate Ezeiza international airport, near Buenos Aires. Through a contract with Pirelli subsidiary TEL 3, Schneider Electric Argentina will supply all of the electrical distribution equipment for the second tranche of the vast “Aeropuerto 2000” project.
    The equipment, which will be installed in the international terminal to be inaugurated in June, includes:
    > MV switchboards with Merlin Gerin SM6 cubicles,
    > Merlin Gerin LV draw-out switchboards,
    > Merlin Gerin Prisma distribution panelboards (to be installed by a Prisma partner) and
    > Telemecanique Canalis prefabricated busbar trunking.

    “This is the first time we have a project in this market, and that’s important for the future,” explains Xavier Robineau-Bourgneuf, who oversees the southern part of the country for Schneider Electric Argentina. “A third and final call for bids will be launched at the end of the year for the terminal that will house the national flag carrier, Aerolineas Argentinas.”

    Schneider Electric in Argentina
    With the acquisition of Plasnavi in consumer final low voltage, the Country Organization now has 500 employees. It also has two production sites—one in San Martin and the other (Plasnavi) in the Buenos Aires subsidiary of Lanús—and a network of 350 official distributors, 30 system houses and 13 Prisma partners.