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    Schneider Electric Ventures: a new partner for innovative start-ups

    Schneider Electric has created a EUR 50 million venture-capital fund called Schneider Electric Ventures to finance start-ups working on breakthrough technologies and innovative uses for the Internet.

    Smoothing the way for faster growth
    Schneider Electric Ventures targets innovative products and services in electrical distribution, industrial control and automation and communication with the goal of serving emerging needs in the construction, industrial production and electric power markets.

    In particular, Schneider Electric Ventures is looking to invest in:
    < New information and communication technologies and Internet solutions, with applications for both products and services.
    < Advanced technologies that will be at the center of breakthrough products over the next ten years, including integrated sensors, embedded intelligence, power electronics, microgeneration and networks.

    Aside from providing capital, Schneider Electric Ventures will create value for start-ups by providing technical and marketing support.

    A minority shareholder that will be an active partner
    The fund’s equity stake in a company will not exceed 40%. Schneider Electric Ventures will be open to working with other investors to support start-ups in Europe and North America, with financing packages ranging from EUR 0.5 million to EUR 4 million per company.

    Schneider Electric Ventures will respond to submitted proposals within 15 days and do everything in its power to prepare the related financing within three months. Further information on application procedures is available on the site. Proposals will be selected based on their degree of innovation and growth potential and on the management team’s ability to ensure success within less than four years.