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    Schneider Electric bets on stability with a new subsidiary in Algeria

    Schneider Electric opened a subsidiary in Algeria at the end of January to replace its local liaison office. “We’re betting on stability in Algeria,” says Mouloud Hamraoui, head of Schneider Electric Algeria. “By opening a subsidiary, we’re demonstrating our commitment to establishing a long-term presence and to developing in many forms with local partners. We will also be expanding our distribution network to cover the entire country, so that we can be closer to our customers.”

    Schneider Electric has operated in Algeria for some fifty years through liaison offices.
    - Headquarters in Algiers and a liaison office in Hassi-Messaoud (southern Algeria).
    - 30 employees.
    - Merlin Gerin, Telemecanique and Modicon brands represented.
    - Leading customers: Sonelgaz (public distribution), Sonatrach (industry), Foremhyd (infrastructure) and Sheraton (construction).