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    The 9th Dynamic Quality Awards

    A multicultural and multidisciplinary team wins the Grand Prize

    Henri Lachmann, CEO of Schneider Electric awarded the 1999 Dynamic Quality Grand Prize on January 10, 2000.

    The winning multicultural and multidisciplinary team’s members included representatives from Brazil, Indonesia, Colombia and France. Their project : a new, worldwide low-voltage switchboard.

    This year, the many different projects competing used the Offer Creation Process as a basis. Schneider Electric, with its Schneider 2000+ program, has identified the major areas of growth and is carrying out optimization actions that are aimed at improving reactivity in all processes, including new product development and marketing.

    In 2000 and 2001, Schneider Electric intends to update more than 12 families of products, representing more than 20% of sales.

    The nominees

    The North American prize was awarded to the Smyrna industrial site for its development of medium-voltage primary transformation switchgear that is virtually maintenance free. This switchgear was developed according to international standards, is lighter, more compact, with more impressive performance than the preceding ranges, and is based on the French SM6. This new product represents a 3- to 5-year jump on the competition, and was named “Product of the Year” in the US.

    The European prize was awarded to Spain for its development of a new 36kV offering. Schneider Electric Spain collaborated with the Endesa utility company and demonstrated its listening capacity by finding a solution that was more in line with its needs. Schneider Electric Spain now has access to the entire secondary distribution market in Spain.

    The French prize was awarded to the new MV/LV Biosco range of outdoor substations, which fully complies with EDF specifications. This innovative concept takes local residents’ needs in terms of safety, noise levels and respect of the surrounding environment into account. The new range was developed in less than 2 years and can also be transferred to international integrator partners (Russia, Poland, etc.). Biosco represents gains of 2-3 m2 in substations built into apartment buildings.

    The international prize was awarded to China for its creation of a new distribution center in Shanghai: the SSC (Schneider Shanghai Center). The 1,700 m2 SSC stocks more than 5,000 product references and ships “just in time” to more than 300 distributors across China.
    The young, local team, with an average age of under 26, successfully met this challenge with the help of Total Quality Management (TQM) and a special training program.

    The prize for the DAT and the functions was awarded to the new, low-voltage switchboard development project. This project was also the 1999 Dynamic Quality Grand Prize winner.

    The method of organization

    Greater added value for the customer
    Participation in the Dynamic Quality Awards is open to all staff. For the past nine years, the Dynamic Quality Awards have served to recognize the Schneider Electric teams that have been exemplary in terms of creativity and economic performance in providing greater added value for customers and for the company.

    More than 100 files, from 20 countries, on five continents
    This year, the Quality Department received more than one-hundred files. The projects submitted concerned the company’s safety policies, the rationalization of replacement parts in an entity and new product development.

    5 Grand Prize nominees
    A jury made up of members from Schneider Electric’s management selected the five projects to compete for the 1999 Dynamic Quality Grand Prize.

    The 1999 exemplary team
    The Grand Jury, which included the Director of the Quality Department and members of Schneider Electric’s senior management, selected the project from among the five contenders that best met the following criteria: customer satisfaction, company performance, imagination, creativity and reactivity.