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    Electricity à la carte

    Gardy, a Schneider Electric subsidiary, is launching a new generation of distribution company/client interfaces.
    This concept, named "Libergy ", is based on a system of pre-loaded 50- or 100-kWh cards.
    This new product line was specially designed for countries in the process of electrification and was recently presented at the "France Technologies" trade show in the Ivory Coast.
    "We worked with five partners/clients in the Philippines, Tanzania, Zambia and the Ivory Coast during the development phase," explains Jean-Luc Prieto from Gardy. The proposed concept is simple and economical. When a consumer buys a card from a nearby retailer he is in fact purchasing units of electricity. At home, he inserts the card in a specially-designed junction box that will supply electricity until the card's units have been used up. It is already possible to imagine the savings that will be possible for the electrical distribution company due to the significantly reduced sales infrastructure.

    The Libergy concept
    Advantages for power distribution companies:
    - Lower costs per consumer
    - Improved cash flow
    - More secure management of credit by means of a microchip card
    - Simple operation (rating, automatic meter reading, etc.)

    Advantages for consumers:
    - Easy to use
    - Electricity budget control
    - New electrical supply each time the card is reloaded