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    Industry: revolutionary enclosures for electrical distribution switchboards

    Merlin Gerin Prisma GK is a range of enclosures and cabinets up to 630 A designed for electrical distribution switchboards in such industrial environments as workshops, farm buildings, cellars and food-service kitchens. With this solution, electrical distribution, motor control and protection, signaling and power supply can all be combined in a single unit.

    Prisma GK enclosures are dismountable, so it’s easy to work inside. They are part of the Prisma G functional system and can house all the same components (mounting plate, front plate, distribution block, etc.). The enclosures can be combined to build switchboards with 7 to 33 modules in all shapes—even an L. Lastly, they are designed to withstand severe environments, with a rating of IP55 for watertightness and IK10 for mechanical shocks.

    Prisma GK enclosures can house Telemecanique products, notably Harmony 22-diameter components (lights, pushbuttons, etc.), as well as contactors, circuit breakers, combined and soft start motor starters, speed drives, and Tego Dial control and monitoring units. The enclosures also come with half, full or cut-out doors to accommodate Merlin Gerin PK industrial sockets. Installation is easy, with solutions for all types of mounting situations (i.e., pole, wall, base or self-supporting structure).

    «With Prisma GK, Schneider Electric is focusing on electrical distribution switchboards in industrial buildings—a segment that is still primarily dominated by universal enclosure makers,» explains project manager Yannick Neyret. «Prisma GK is part of a larger program to expand our electrical distribution switchboard offering.» First introduced in Italy and France, Merlin Gerin Prisma GK enclosures will be available in most of Europe before the end of the year.