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    Earthquake in Turkey

    The magnitude of the earthquake in Turkey caused grievous harm to the people and their environment throughout the country.

    Although there were no victims among Schneider Electric staff, several employees’ families were affected or had their homes damaged.

    Schneider Electric and its employees around the world intend to show their solidarity to the Turkish people and have decided to contribute to the vital aid efforts. The donations will be collected by the Ministry of Public works and settlement, the organization selected by the Turkish subsidiary management team :
    Bank : Turkiye Emlak Bankasi – Ankara Branch
    Account in USD No. 459018 (Swift code : EMLAIS002)

    Our wish is that, with everyone’s help, Turkey can overcome this terrible catastrophe as rapidly as possible », said Jacques Billiard, head of this part of the world at Schneider Electric’s International Division, in a memo addressed to all Schneider personnel.