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    A new generation of protection units for electrical distribution networks

    Schneider Electric, the world’s leading manufacturer of digital protection units for power grids, will launch a new generation of protection units in September. The Merlin Gerin Sepam 1000+ will enhance the entry-level offering for remote operation of electrical networks. The product’s main functions are to protect people and equipment, measure network data and optimize electrical equipment management.

    Sepam 1000+’s high-performance features will win over even the most skeptical users. It has an integrated communication function and is scalable, compact and modular. What’s more, its ergonomic design will make life easier for operators, contractors and panelbuilders. Lastly, Sepam 1000+is ready to use and can be programmed in the language of your choice. The product will be distributed worldwide. Call your Schneider Electric representative today to find out more!