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    Several contracts for a petrochemical complex in Argentina

    In early 1998, Argentina’s largest petrochemical complex issued a call for bids for a supply substation. Schneider Electric was chosen to coordinate the "Fluor Daniel" project in Bahia Blanca after successful technical specification work during the pre-selection period. What’s more, Schneider Electric in Argentina recently won a new contract to provide protection and monitoring systems and low voltagedistribution switchboards for the site.

    The principal products and systems ordered so far include:

    > The main supply substation (GIS 145 kV) and the main medium voltage switchboard (Merlin Gerin GIS 36 kV).
    > A package comprising a Merlin Gerin Sepam protection system, an electrical distribution monitoring and remote control system, Telemecanique/Modicon PLCs and a PCIM supervisor.
    > Merlin Gerin Blokset low voltage panelboards made in Argentina and Square D PowerLogic power monitoring and control integrated in Blokset distribution switchboards.

    All of this equipment is currently being delivered to the final customer, US-based Dow Chemical.