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    Schneider Electric Foundation for the Integration of Young People

    During its executive committee meeting in March 1999, the Schneider Electric Foundation for the integration of young people awarded its ten first integration prizes.
    “In all, we received about fifty applications” specified Gilles Vermot Desroches, General Manager of the Foundation.
    The applications were previously studied by an investigation committee which made a selection from among the presented initiatives. 10 prizes are awarded each quarter.
    The next prizes will be determined during the June 8 Executive Committee meeting of the Schneider Electric Foundation
    “Innovative projects, close to Schneider Electric sites in France are initially favored.
    Afterwards, files from other countries in which Schneider Electric is present will be studied”.
    The files selected must comply fully with the foundation's vocation: support the success of young people.
    “We invite all the company's employees in France to become involved locally in this enterprise by presenting projects or by participating in the life of these associations, by getting in contact with the Schneider Electric Foundation”.

    The 10 prize-winners' projects:
    - The Let us dream team (L'équipe de Fais-nous rêver): organizing the 1999 national competition for integration through sports
    -The way goes through the mountains (En passant par la montagne): providing young people from difficult neighborhoods with a week in the high mountains and helping them build a longer scholastic program.
    -ALE rugby: allowing the young people of the western neighborhoods in Echirolles (near Grenoble, France) to play rugby
    -AS Tourelles-Football-Wheelchair (AS Tourelles-Foot-Fauteuil): equipping physically and mentally handicapped people with electric wheelchairs for a sports association in the Bouches-du-Rhône region
    -The Child in Hospital (L'enfant à l'hôpital): linking children isolated by their illness to their environment (family, school, etc.) via multimedia tools and the Internet
    -Life through Laughter (Vivre aux éclats): providing a program headed by clowns to children in hospitals
    -Uni-City (Unis-Cité): allowing young people from different environments to spend a year working as volunteers and develop their project for the future to open up to citizenship.
    -Footsteps (Traces de pas): participating in the creation of a living place for families regularly accommodated by the emergency social services department (French Samu Social) and in which training is offered in manual and rural trades.
    - Neptune: providing socially excluded young people in the Greater Paris area with a route towards professional integration.
    - E3i: Isere Integration Temp Agency (Entreprise d'Intérim d'Insertion de l'Isère): re-socializing 30 young people from the Grenoble region through temporary jobs.