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    Schneider and Microsoft Team Up on Transparent FactoryTM Initiative

    Schneider and Microsoft have announced that they plan to cooperate on Windows technology for innovative, open industrial automation solutions.

    Schneider’s Transparent FactoryTM initiative is being built on the Microsoft Windows Distributed interNet Applications (DNA) architecture. Based on Ethernet, TCP/IP and key Microsoft enabling technologies, including OPC industry standards, the initiative provides an ideal environment in which legacy and new components can seamlessly take full advantage of Microsoft solutions.

    "Schneider has embraced the Microsoft DNA as the framework that delivers Schneider’s vision of scalability, connectivity and modularity," says Marc Fondl, Schneider Automation Marketing Vice-President. "This core Microsoft technology also offers users the benefit of easy integration with an impressive pool of third party providers."

    "Windows DNA is a strategic framework built on core Microsoft technologies to create distributed, scalable multi-tier applications," says Laurent Dugimont, Microsoft Industry Marketing Manager. "By leveraging these technologies, Schneider will continue to deliver innovative products that are easy to use and offer seamless integration to the manufacturing industry." Explains Fondl, "Schneider and Microsoft will continue to build upon this relationship to deliver leading industrial automation software to the manufacturing marketplace."