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    Creation of the Schneider Electric Foundation for the Integration of Young People

    Schneider has welcomed 3200 young people on work-training programs since 1992. Based on this experience and in complete coherence with its other actions, Schneider has decided to create a Foundation.

    The role of this Foundation is to provide support for young people in two different ways:
    > by supporting those who work with young people experiencing difficulties in social or economic integration, or suffering from a handicap. For example, building projects over several years with the help of associations by providing moral, intellectual and financial support.
    > by encouraging initiatives by young people and fostering their entrepreneurial spirit: the Foundation will select ambitious projects conceived by young people and will help them carry them out within the framework of a “Youth Challenge”.

    The Foundation also aims to become a forum for employees who wish to become involved in voluntary work and it will focus its action particularly in the Company’s major employment areas.

    The members of the Executive Committee of the Foundation are as follows:
    > Chairman: Didier Pineau-Valencienne
    > Schneider members: Henri Lachmann, the next Schneider Chairman, Jean-François Pilliard, Marcel Torrents, Jean-Pierre Doumenc, Jean-Pierre Calandri and two members of personnel: Patrice Faivre and Etienne Gonzales
    > Qualified persons: José Bidegain, Chairman of “Action contre la Faim” (Action against Hunger); Charles Bouzols, Chairman of the “Comité de Liaison des Régies de Quartiers” (Association of Neighbourhood Self-help Networks); Yves Jégo, Chairman of the “Association des Villes de Zones Franches Urbaines” (Association of Urban Free Zone Towns); Jean Kaspar, former Secretary General of the CFDT Trade Union; Maria Novak, Chairwoman of ADIE (Association for the Right to Economic Initiative); René Bardone....

    The Managing Director of the Schneider Electric Foundation for the Integration of Young People, which was created under the aegis of the Fondation de France, is Gilles Vermot Desroches.

    tel: 33 (1) - fax: 33 (1)