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    Lafarge chooses Schneider to renovate the MVdistribution systems at its four cement plants in Romania

    Schneider has signed a framework agreement with Lafarge in Romania. Lafarge, the world’s leading building materials supplier, acquired a controlling interest in four cement works in Romania at the end of last year. It has implemented a three-year renovation plan that includes upgrading the MV power distribution systems at the sites.

    Schneider is playing an important role in the project, with an order to supply 150 Merlin Gerin MCSet cubicles. An initial order for 106 cubicles was booked on signature of the framework agreement; it was followed by a contract for Merlin Gerin Rectiphase MV/LV capacitors for the first cement plant.

    Lafarge, which has worked with our major international accounts department for several years, knew that Schneider was a partner it could trust. The cement maker was also impressed by the skills of Schneider’s team in Romania.

    The international partnership between Schneider and Lafarge has brought in several contracts over the past two years, notably in Kenya, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, China, Brazil and France.