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    Schneider’s Global Supplier Group Meets in Atlanta

    Schneider has a long-standing tradition of establishing partnerships with its suppliers to meet the ever-increasing demand for competitiveness in terms of quality, service and costs. In keeping with this tradition, a Global Suppliers Group was created this year, and its 51 members met for the first time on October 13 and 14 in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Members of the Group were selected on the basis of several criteria. They were specifically required to:

    - Support Schneider’s international expansion with a technical and industrial development strategy deployed on at least two continents.

    - Have the capability to set up methods and teams to work with Schneider on new product projects at the global level.

    - Consider Schneider as one of their prime customers in the electric power market.

    During the two-day meeting, Global Suppliers were able to acquire a better understanding of Schneider’s strategy, organization and expectations regarding globalization. The program included tours of Schneider production plants in North America.

    The globalization process has been picking up speed since the Global Suppliers Group was created and will involve suppliers in a new relationship. A private Internet site has been designed to facilitate communication among Group members.