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    Developments in the uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) market, which is more and more closely linked to the computer industry, mean that the UPS business has become increasingly removed from other Schneider Electric businesses, especially with regard to its distribution channels, after-sales service and the high level of reactivity involved.

    This is why Schneider management presented to the Extraordinary Works Council meeting on April 3, 1996 a plan aimed at providing the UPS business (1.8 Bn FF sales in 1995, which represents 3% of the Group's business and 190 MF operating profit), which already ranks among the top three worldwide companies, with all the necessary assets to speed up its development.

    The plan is based on the following points
    - the participation of a financial partner (Europe Capital Partners) : 79%
    - participation of all UPS personnel: 6%;
    - Schneider participation : 15%.

    This plan, which accounts for ASI's requirements in industrial and commercial investment and Research and Development, should enable the business to fight on an equal footing with its direct competitors who operate exclusively in this sector of activity.

    This operation will continue to promote the Group's global development in its priority strategic areas.

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