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    Schneider Electric UK limited acquires Westinghouse systems

    Boulogne, May 5th, 1995 - Electrical control and power distribution expert, Schneider Electric UK Limited, has purchased energy management specialist Westinghouse Systems Limited, from BTR plc.

    Following the signing of an agreement in London on Tuesday 2nd May, Chippenham-based Westinghouse Systems becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Schneider Electric UK Limited. The acquisition will complete Schneider's product range in the Extra High Voltage and Medium Voltage fields, and is expected to increase the organisation's turnover by approximately £20 million during the year, with export sales accounting for more than 75 % of this increase.

    Westinghouse Systems has proven expertise in the remote control and monitoring of electrical networks, and has recently launched a new supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system which is several years ahead of its nearest competitors. The company's products and services are fully complementary to those of existing brands in the Schneider group, and will further strengthen Schneider's already impressive product offer, particularly in the fields of electrical transmission and distribution.

    Eric Pilaud, a director within the Schneider organisation for more than nine years, has been appointed as Westinghouse Systems' new managing director.

    Commenting on the acquisition, Pilaud said, "The synergy between the work going on at Westinghouse Systems and other brands in Schneider is remarkable. We already had a strong position in distribution, control and protection, but the infusion of expertise from Westinghouse Systems will enable us to offer our utility customers truly global solutions. This acquisition is another demonstration of Schneider's commitment to providing highly focused support to satisfy the needs of particular customer groups."

    Westinghouse Systems Limited currently employs approximately 300 staff at its site in Chippenham, Wiltshire. Following the acquisition, all staff are being retained and little short-term change is expected in the company's activities. In particular, the research and development operation which is responsible for the company's technological lead in SCADA systems will remain fully operational, and will benefit from access to the Schneider's technical and financial resources.

    Worldwide, Schneider employs 90,000 people and has a turnover in excess of £7 billion. The organisation has 800 industrial and commercial sites, and 5,000 sales outlets in 130 countries. In the UK, Schneider has 2,100 employees working, from 15 commercial and industrial sites. UK turnover for 1994 totalled £205 million.

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